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Talking Rx® is a simple, yet effective solution that provides audible guidance in taking medications. The device attaches to common-sized prescription bottles and contains a memo recorder that allows a physician, pharmacist, caregiver, family member or patient to record necessary information about the medication.

Designed by a pharmacist, Talking Rx can significantly improve health literacy and reduce medical noncompliance by helping patients identify their medications and understand physician directions for taking them properly. Inadequate health literacy results in medical noncompliance -- 50% of patients do not take their prescription drugs as directed. It has been estimated that prescription accidents cause some 125,000 deaths per year. Talking Rx provides an easy solution for understanding and following physician instructions, where the inability to do so may cause significant harm. The device has application to a wide variety of population groups, including seniors, those with vision limitations and those for whom English is not their primary language.

With instructions recorded on a compact, reusable, self-contained, inexpensive device, Talking Rx helps patients comply with physicians' orders. This results in fewer noncompliance-related illnesses, fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations, thereby reducing overall healthcare costs. Talking Rx -- Your Personal Talking Prescription®.

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